The Codex Argenteus facsimile of 1927 in Sofia

Place and date: Sofia 2007, Bulgaria's Archaeological Museum. Event: Ambassador of Sweden Bertil Roth submits a copy of the large facsimile edition of the Codex Argenteus to Bulgaria, later to be kept in the National Library. An archaeologocal exhibition was specially arranged for this event. Read speech

Theoderic’s Book – the Codex Argenteus

Lecture held in Ravenna on October 17, 2014 in the Biblioteca Classense. In addition to the seminar in the magnificent library hall, the visit also included meetings with the Orthographe group and visiting their showroom near the Arian Baptistery. In addition, visit to the Deputy Mayor Giannantonio Mingozzi, visit to the head of Longo Editore, Alfio Longo, and a guided tour in the Biblioteca Classense conducted by the library director Claudia Giuliani. Read here. The lecture was accompanied by a photo suite.

Codex Argenteus – age and binding in the light of C14 analysis

Böckerna från Braniewo


Lämplig läsning i isoleringens tid