Selenas was a Gothic Bishop in the 4th century. He succeeded Wulfila, the ‘Apostle of the Goths’, who translated the Bible into Gothic and created the Gothic alphabet. In his youth Selenas worked as Wulfila’s assistant priest, and therefore his name is suitable also for our project: to help Wulfila in some ways. Our historical interest is very much about the Gothic heritage. It is often concerning the ‘Silver Bible’, the Codex Argenteus, but also the different environments of this manuscript. However, a visitor will discover that this interest is just one of many, but it is the one to explain the name of the website. 

Bild 1 Bild 1 Bild 1 Bild 1 Bild 1 Above: from Selena's home areas, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Right: Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna. Below: On the way to the Adriatic Sea.

Books, articles and cultural lookout

What do we do? Maybe not so much. However, things happen now and then. Sometimes we publish a book. Sometimes we hold a lecture. And we write articles. And it is not always about the Silver Bible and the Gothic. Manuscripts in general, like books and maps, easily amuse old librarians. And so does cultural history and culture in general. Even sometimes a little public debate. 


We put new information on our news page, Biskopsbrev or Bishop's Letter, and here we put tips:

If nothing happens

we take a break ...

... and then there is usually a lot of old stuff to jump into. You can look at pictures, read articles and follow the links. Or just go into idle mode.